Here are some places I regularly visit for more info or just for fun!

Mental/Spiritual Health related: – My travel site booking engine.  Everyone needs to take some time off and travel is a wonderful way to spend it.  I’ve found that I match or beat the lowest price I can find about 90% of the time.  We also have a link making searching even easier.  The best comparison site I’ve found is – One of the main sites for my friend and mentor, Marshall Sylver.  Marshall is the one of worlds leading experts on subconscious reprogramming and has wonderful tips for recharging your brain!  When you’re interested in his products and services, check my related site

Physical Health related: – My site for USANA products, the supplements and meal replacement products that helped me lose 17 lbs and helped heal a several sprained left ankle, allowing me to dance again.  Everyone should be taking supplements because of our depleted growing environments and everyone should be eating as healthy as possible, USANA helped me with both. – The most comprehensive site I’ve found that explains the Glycemic Index and has a searchable database that helps you make good eating decisions.

Relational Health related: – My wonderful friend Liz Kelly has authored a number of books and e-Books about dating and attracting a wonderful partner.  I highly recommend her.

Financial Health related: – My Prosperity Alliance website.  You need to get involved with me and Prosperity Alliance when you’re truly serious about taking your business to the next level.  Marshall Sylver has created the best entrepreneurial training curriculum I’ve experienced and I’ve been through and conducted a lot of training  in my time in business development. – The portal to learn more about YTB Travel Network as a home-based business.  I love my travel site and travel business and I love to travel.  It was a no-brainer for me.