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Inspiration – Henry Ford Part I

Posted on 20 October 2009

CarolAnn and I had the opportunity recently to visit the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  We mad a bunch of videos and I am going to share them with you to give you something to think about.  Let’s get started.

We are 100% responsible for our own actions and situation.  We also cannot get through this world alone.  How can we make these two seemingly contradictory statements mesh for our successful life.  As I’m sure you realize, there are lots of ways.  Today I want to talk about inspiration.  My definition of inspiration is that it is something we seek outside of ourselves.  It is very difficult to ‘self inspire’.  So where should we go?  Two of my main sources of inspiration are great minds, past and present, and nature.

Henry Ford was an amazing entrepreneur and a great thinker.  He is one of my sources of inspiration.  Some of my others are Ben Franklin, Mark Twain, Margaret Thatcher and Michael Dell.  Some that I am just now taking the time to learn more about are Nikola Tesla, Sir Richard Branson and Tiger Woods.  There are more.  Who are yours?

The things in nature that inspire me are also manifold.  Sunrises are amazing and get me mind thinking about new beginnings.  Flowing water (waves, streams, rivers) is awe inspiring and makes me think of power and flexibility.  My beautiful dog Kahlua helps me to remember to live a joyous life.  You get the picture.

Kahlua playing in MI

Kahlua playing in MI

Here are my thoughts for you.  Write down the two people that inspire you most and why (written words have more power).  Write down the two things that inspire you most and why.  Write down the one source of inspiration you are going to seek out and why.  This is for your own benefit and I would be extremely honored if you decided to leave part or all of your response as a comment.

Until next time, be inspired and be inspirational!

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