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Posted on 28 July 2009

Kyle Buzzard – Waltzing to the Next Level

By Dean Power | Published: July 4, 2009

Dean Power, the founder of Byron New Media and host at SMTB Insider invited me to be interviewed about my work and my experience with the amazing Maria Andros and Social Media Traffic Blueprint. He also looks at RSS feeds and why they are important for your business and releases detail of a a competition being run by our dear friend and SMTB Insider Pam Brossman – the Emotive Marketing Queen.

About Kyle

Name: Kyle Buzzard Location: Wilmington – Delaware Business: Kyle is a business development specialist who sees personal growth and personal success as essential to true business success and abundant wealth. Now Kyle is capitalizing on his wealth of business experience by building his own online businesses. Ballroom Dancing is not only a passion and enjoyable pastime for Kyle, but a great vehicle for personal and interpersonal development.

Kyle’s Story

Kyle Buzzard - Business Development SpecialistKyle Buzzard – Business Development Specialist

Dean and I talk about my background in business development. I’ve had great success because of my strong presentation and leadership skills and Online Business is a great opportunity to use my skill set to help even more people. We talk about my vision to combine a positive outlook and holistic approach on success with a careful choice of mentors to create a devastating formula for success. The amazing interviewer that he is, Dean was able to work in ballroom dancing, one of my favorite pastimes. I not only use it to stay fit, I truly believe in the power of ballroom dancing for personal growth and fitness. You’re here, so you know we also talked about this site launching. I want you to know that will promote content useful to people wanting to develop online businesses. I will be focus on the awareness and need for mental/spiritual health, physical health and relational health so that you can achieve financial health and abundant success.

Why Kyle Loves Social Media Traffic Blueprint

“The course really exploded, I loved the Search Engine Optimization module, the tools for a creating a professional looking video and the secrets Maria shared really were secrets”.

Connect with Kyle

Tools We Mentioned

What is RSS Really Simple Syndication? For a more detailed explanation visit What is RSS at Byron New Media? iGoogle a free simple RSS feed reader Google Reader a free and very powerful RSS feed reader

Insider Interview and Podcast

Play the Podcast Right Now! Click Here To Play Or Right Click and “Save Link” To Download The MP3.

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