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Take Some ‘Me’ Time – Henry Ford Part III

Posted on 22 October 2009

So since we are 100% responsible for our current situation, how can we protect ourselves from burn-out? One great way is to take some time for yourself. This means a lot of things to a lot of different people. It can be enjoying a good meal, spending quality time with loved ones, taking a walk in nature, anything that lets you relax and recharge.

Some things that you want to avoid are mindless TV and unhealthy relationships. While there are a handful of not-bad-for-you shows, the majority of what’s on television these days is more than a waste of time, it’s actually bad internal programming for you to digest. Cut way back on television and use DVR’s and on-demand/internet services to watch what you want when it is convenient for you.

I’m using unhealthy relationships in the lightest possible terms. Anyone that is overly negative is not a good way to spend your ‘me’ time because ‘me’ time should be uplifting. Spending time with people that are intent on bringing you down is more like work than it is like a relaxing recharge.

One of my favorite ‘me’ times is any time I spend with Kahlua, the Wonder Dog. As I’ve mentioned before, she teaches me so much about living a life of wonder and joy. Animals are amazing. If you have the time, space and resources, there are few things better!

Kahlua's 'me' time, and afternoon of Frisbee

Kahlua's 'me' time, an afternoon of Frisbee

So what are you favorite recharge activities? Leave a comment and let me know. Until next time, have a prosperous day!

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